Are you getting married? Planning the whole thing might be exhausting. Like,who’s gonna be your photographers, the videographers, the reception, the whole wedding entourage, wedding favors and of course the budget for the entire wedding preparation.

We, at Miss Marian Native Crafts would like to give you some ideas on choosing your wedding favors gifts especially for Garden Wedding, Beach wedding or any outdoor wedding receptions.

We have these products:

  1. Mini Lauhala baskets / Boxes = We customize sizes and colors. But our standard size is 3 x 3 x 3 inches. You can put something inside and ribbons/tags and flowers to make it more unique. mini lauhala baskets IMG_9044 IMG_88171960865_619979991408283_49337210_o (1)
  2. Buri Palm leaf Fans – These fans are so unique that usually being used by guests outdoor. These can also be used as Program Fans. Please refer below some of the pictures. mini buri fans 20131228_151057 IMG_5011
  3. Mini Palm  Leaf Gift Bags – Just add some ribbon colors and tags and put something inside too like cookies, chocolates, candies and etc.
    Buri Palm leaf bags

    Buri Palm leaf bags

    Mini Palm leaf bags Mini Palm leaf bags

    So, what do you think? They are 100% eco-friendly made of lauhala leaves, palm leaves that usually grows in the south pacific region.